Associate Degree

10 Reasons to earn your online degree

What is an associate degree?

 An associate degree is a two-year degree with 60 units earned in college.  To be qualified with an associate degree, the student must complete necessary requirements such as the core courses needed for the chosen major.

Getting an associate degree can be a preparatory degree for Bachelor’s.  Examples of associate degrees are those courses related to

  • Applied Sciences
  • Business
  • Communication
  • Culinary Arts
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • Information Technology
  • and other technical courses…

Why an associate degree?

For those who want to save money, to buy a degree from an accredited college and to attend the first two years of college is a good preparation in applying for jobs.  Students who recently graduated from high school and could not afford a four-year course, can earn an associate degree.  Better yet, they can even buy an associate degree from reputable websites and buy a degree from an accredited college only.

10 Reasons to earn your online degree

10 Reasons to earn your online degree

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10 Reasons to earn your online degree

If you’re undecided about going back to college, showing up for that interview because you fear you lack the credentials or you’re thinking about changing your workplace, since that promotion seems more far-off now than ever, then this article might be of interest to you. Here are 10 reasons why an online diploma might come in handy or even turn your career around.

1. It’s actually completely legal
Many people cringe when they hear the words “online” or “fake” for the simple fact that they think it’s illegal. In reality, as long as you are well-documented and search for a degree with valid accreditation, earning you credentials in this manner is not only authorized, but even encouraged by well-known educational institutions.

2. It’s time-saving to say the least
Did you know that the average student spends over 8 years working his way up to a PhD and is over 30 years old when he finally obtains it? That’s over 5000 hours – just to put things in perspective.Not to say that your education isn’t worth investing in, but the time required to earn ADs, BAs and Master’s alone is overwhelming – especially when the competition is fierce and so many others choose to buy their diplomas online. Think about the time you could save and put into gaining actual hands-on work experience.

3. It can brush off your competitors
Let’s face it – if you’re neck in neck with another candidate for that high-end job, when it comes down to it, degrees matter. The last thing you want is to battle out someone who clearly lacks your experience, but can easily flaunt a piece of paper and sweep your position from right under your nose.

4. You can actually afford it
It’s not unusual for people to opt for online degrees simply because that is the economical choice to make. And it comes as no surprise that most universities nowadays are more interested in running your money dry than they are in offering you an education. With the already steep costs of traditional institutions rising every year, more and more students are earning their degreesthrough online study programs.

5. It can help you get into grad school
If you’re looking to sign up for a university that requires high grades, but your previous academic performance leaves something to be desired, then earning a second diploma is the most practical and cost-effective choice.

6. It can boost up your salary
It’s a common debate that appearance, demeanor and social intelligence can actually earn you a promotion. If you feel you have what it takes to earn bigger numbers, but you’re lacking the papers, an online degree can really make a difference, since there’s nothing that tops off a solid academic background when it comes to promotions and reputation.

7. It’s a useful tool if you’re starting from scratch
Maybe you haven’t had the chance to showcase your talents and make a name for yourself yet.In this case, a strong education can be the engine that fuels your professional progress. It’s much easier to break the ice with a potential employer if you have the right credentials.

8. You can use the money you save for something worthwhile
Whether you’d like to invest in a lucrative domain or have a small business on the side, you can save up on tens of thousands of dollars and employ them to finance something profitable. Just look at some of the world’s billionaires – who surprisingly do not own a traditional degree – and decide for yourself what the advantageous decision is in this case.

9. It can help remodel your career
If you’d like to completely change the orientation of your career, but you don’t have 4 or more years to spend studying, then earning a BA or even an MA online is definitely worthwhile and a much more feasible option.

10. It’s a future trend
It has been known for some time now that the future of education lies in e-learning. Technology is such an essential aspect in all of our lives that networked study is now universally accepted as a permanent and viable addition to our academic environment.

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